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What Are Symbolic Rituals?

What Are Symbolic Rituals?

The Symbolic Rituals

Identifying Values and Feelings

In ceremonies, symbolic rituals are often included.

Through symbolic objects and gestures, accompanied by the celebrant's words, they explain the meaning and highlight values and feelings.

During these symbolic moments, it is possible to involve parents, children, grandparents, godparents, relatives, friends, witnesses, etc., making them feel like an active part of the ceremony.

Some rituals are quite well-known, and others can be invented.

As a Celebrant, I can help you choose, among the many rituals, the one that best encapsulates your way of being, personalizing it and presenting it with unique gestures and words.

Warmth of the Rings Ritual
Warmth of the Rings Ritual

The rings pass from hand to hand to the closest loved ones.

By holding the rings in their hands for a few seconds, they will infuse them with warmth and 'deliver' a thought for the couple.


This ritual involves tying colored ribbons around the couple's hands to represent their bond and the connection between them and nature.

In its original version, the ribbons represent the natural elements: air, water, earth, and fire. The new family will thus be blessed by nature.

Infinity Knot

Colored cords, given by the guests, are used and placed on the couple's hands.

The celebrant will tie a special knot that will form the shape of the infinity symbol.

Wine and Love Letters Ritual

In a wooden box, a bottle of vintage wine (one that ages well) is stored, and along with it,

love letters that the couple have written to each other or their just exchanged vows are placed inside.

Tree Ritual

Just like a plant, love needs to be nurtured and cared for every day, it must receive sunlight and be protected from the elements.

This is the message that the tree ritual evokes.

The Light Ritual
The Light Ritual

Also known as the 'candle ritual', it is very evocative, especially if the ceremony takes place after sunset.

The couple, each holding a lit candle, will light a larger candle in the center of the table, symbolizing the flame of love that illuminates and warms.

Rose Ritual

The ritual involves the exchange of a red rose between the couple. Holding a rose in hand and giving it to the loved one, they will find themselves with another rose in hand given by their beloved.

It symbolizes the love given that returns to the loved one.

The Sand Ceremony

It symbolizes the union of the couple, each with their own personal background (character, knowledge, personality) represented by a different color.

It is one of the most famous and beloved rituals.

It represents the union of the couple, each with their own personal background: character; knowledge; personality; aspiration, etc., represented by a different color.

Broom Jumping Ceremony
Broom Jumping Ceremony

Holding hands and jumping together over an obstacle represented by a broom or a branch symbolizes an important step to take together, hand in hand.

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