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My Ceremonies

My Ceremonies

My Ceremonies

I write the ceremony by linking texts, poems, and symbolic rites in a harmonious continuum

I like to make your guests feel involved

The dearest people can read poems or texts they have written, or they can take part in symbolic moments.

I write unique ceremonies

Ceremonies mark the most important milestones in life

Whether it's a birth, welcoming a new family member, a wedding or a union, a vow renewal, a funeral, a commemoration, or a final farewell to our "pet", the important moments that mark a transition in life have been celebrated since the dawn of time.

Ceremonies have taken and continue to take the most diverse forms, from traditional religious celebrations to secular ones, they adapt to the customs, values, and beliefs of those being celebrated.

Secular ceremonies focus on the person and the event to be celebrated, and it is the celebrant's task to give the ceremony its proper value by writing a text suitable for the occasion and the wishes of the people involved.

To write an authentic and unique ceremony, it is essential to listen with empathy and attention, capturing the salient aspects of the personality and story to be told. From the meetings, the text gradually takes shape, to which suitable music, gestures, the inclusion of symbolic rites, the involvement of guests, and coordination with other ceremony suppliers (location, musicians, photographers, wp, florists, etc.) will be added.

All these elements well harmonized will make your ceremony unforgettable and a professional celebrant will guarantee you, thanks to their study, experience, expressive and organizational skills, the realization of your wishes.

Civil Ceremony or Union

You have decided to get married and have chosen a civil ceremony, but you desire your ceremony to be more than the predetermined and sterile reading of the articles and the marriage act and the subsequent signing.

Instead, you dream of a romantic atmosphere worthy of your love: an elegant setting, perhaps in a garden with a floral arch, an entrance with background music, the first encounter, eyes locked, readings, your promises...

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

It's the romantic celebration of your love, made of texts, gestures, poetry, music, and true love.
It's a secular ceremony where the protagonists are human values and feelings.
It's absolutely unique and authentic because it speaks about you and your love story.

Anniversaries and Vow Renewal
Anniversaries and Vow Renewal

Important life milestones should be celebrated, commemorated, renewed, and shared with loved ones.

Whether it's 10, 20, 50 years of love or any other special moment, it can be made unforgettable through a unique and personalized ceremony.

Naming Ceremony

A naming ceremony is a special event that celebrates the arrival of a new family member. This type of ceremony can be organized to celebrate the birth of a child or to commemorate an adoption.

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If you dream of a unique and personalized non-traditional ceremony, if you want to learn more about symbolic or civil rituals, or if you are looking for a professional lay celebrant in Sicily or Calabria, contact me.

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