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Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony

Welcome Ceremony

A naming ceremony is a special event that celebrates the arrival of a new family member. This type of ceremony can be organized to celebrate the birth of a child or to commemorate an adoption.

There is an old Sicilian saying that should be valued now more than ever: "pi crisciri un figghu ci voli un villaggiu" - to raise a child, it takes a village - which expresses the importance of being surrounded by love and support from all the people living around the family. On the other hand, a birth or an adoption brings significant changes for everyone, not just for the parents: you become parents, but also grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers, sisters...

A Welcome to the world can be celebrated anywhere: at home, in a park, in a garden, etc., and siblings, grandparents, relatives, etc., are involved. Parents often designate people dear to them as a point of reference for the child.

Those who wish can take part in the ceremony by reading a text by a known author, or something written by them to welcome the new arrival in an original and engaging way.

A beautiful moment during this celebration is when the parents or guardians express their promises, communicating their commitment and love.

It is possible to include a symbolic moment suitable for the occasion that makes the ceremony more meaningful. There is no limit to imagination, and you can choose well-known rituals or invent new ones.

As a celebrant, I can help you write a joyful and personalized text, choosing together with you the elements to include and possibly the music that will accompany the celebration.

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