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Your Unique Ceremony

Your Unique Ceremony

Rita Celebrante Laica - Cerimonie uniche e personalizzate
Rita Celebrante Laica

Hello, I'm Rita, and I warmly welcome you to my website.

I am a professional celebrant

dedicated to crafting unique and bespoke ceremonies to mark significant moments in life. Whether it's the joy of a birth, the celebration of a naming ceremony, the union of a wedding, the renewal of vows, the solemnity of a funeral, a heartfelt commemoration, or bidding a fond farewell to a beloved pet, I'm here to help you tell your story.

As a celebrant, I enter your world with a silent understanding, carefully weaving together emotions and values. My goal is to make you and your loved ones feel truly seen, ensuring that your special moments are filled with meaning and deep sentiment.
Rita Celebrante Laica
A story to tell

I live in Sicily, near Messina, and mainly celebrate in Sicily and Calabria. However, I am also willing to travel anywhere in Italy. I'm an outgoing and cheerful person, living my life with optimism. I enjoy listening to stories and sharing them with sensitivity and respect. I believe that kindness is a powerful force, and I strive to cultivate it daily. Writing has always been my friend, my meditation, my refuge, and the expression of my creativity. Today, it's also my profession, which is wonderful for me. That's why I love writing ceremonies and leading them, as it allows me to combine my passion with my work.

Your Ceremony, just as you've always dreamed of
Together we can make it unique and unforgettable

My Ceremonies

Most foreign couples, to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, prefer to legally marry in their home country before coming to Italy and have their romantic celebration here. “Symbolic wedding ceremony” or “A celebrant-led wedding” it's a romantic celebration of your love, crafted with words, gestures, poems, and music. It can be simple, essential or in grand style. You can hold your “symbolic ceremony” wherever you want – in the woods, on the beach, in the mountains, in a historic villa, in a farmhouse, in a vineyard, etc -.

You have decided to get married and have chosen a civil ceremony, but you want your ceremony not to be limited to the predetermined and aseptic reading of the articles and the marriage certificate and the consequent affixing of signatures.

Instead, dream of a romantic atmosphere like your love deserves: an elegant setting, perhaps in the garden with a flowered arch, an entrance with background music, the first meeting, eye to eye, readings, your promises.

A naming ceremony is a special event that celebrates the arrival of a new family member. This type of ceremony can be organized both to celebrate the birth of a child and to celebrate an adoption.

A naming ceremony can be celebrated anywhere: at home, in a park, in a garden, etc. and brothers and sisters are involved if there are any, grandparents, relatives, etc.

The important passages of life must be celebrated, renewed and shared with the dearest ones. Whether it is 10, 20, 50 years of love or any other special moment, it is possible to make it unforgettable through a unique and personalized

Anniversari e rinnovo delle promesse

Make your dreams come true

A personalized ceremony that encompasses all your dreams

How I Work

Through various meetings, I listen to your desires, wishes and expectations for the most important day of your life . Only in this way can your ceremony be totally personalized, unique, authentic.

I write the ceremony by tying, in a harmonious continuum, the texts, poems and symbolic rituals, chosen together with you.

I like to make your guests feel involved, especially the closest people, who can read poems or texts written by themselves, or can take part in symbolic moments.

I give a lot of importance to music, a great vehicle of emotions which, like a soundtrack, must harmonize with every step of the celebration.

For this reason, the choice of songs is agreed with you, and with the musicians who will accompany us.

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I am a Professional Celebrant registered with Federcelebranti since 2021, a free and autonomous aggregation of professionals in the sector of Lay ceremonies , humanist, symbolic, civil ceremonies and more. Secular ceremonies are increasing in Italy and the figure of the Celebrant is increasingly sought after. It is therefore important to grow professionally through training courses, discussion and professional collaboration. I'm proud to be part of it.

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Find out more about Italian professional celebrants and ceremonies on

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In October 2021 I acquired the UNI/Pdr 118.2:2021 certification. Today the interest for secular ceremonies

is increasing because they are beautiful, exciting, authentic, engaging, especially if they are written and conducted by people who have undergone study and experience and have a wealth of skills and knowledge that makes those ceremonies unique. This is why I decided to undertake this path and, in October 2021, I successfully passed the evaluation process, in accordance with the requirements of the CEL-PRO scheme for the professional role of: Celebrant

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If you dream of a unique and personalized non-traditional ceremony, if you want to learn more about symbolic or civil rituals, or if you are looking for a professional lay celebrant in Sicily or Calabria, contact me.

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