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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

From the simplest questions to technical queries, on this page I will try to give you simple and targeted answers.

If you are interested in Secular Rituals and Ceremonies, on this page you will find answers to all those questions that plague us before and during the organization of a Wedding or a Ceremony.

I have tried to answer those questions that are most frequently asked during the meetings that precede the drafting of a ceremony.

If you cannot find an answer, or you want to delve into a topic, do not hesitate to contact me.

Who can officiate a civil marriage or union?

The civil marriage or union ceremony is officiated by the Civil Status Officer, who must wear the tricolor sash. This function directly involves the Mayor.

What is a symbolic ceremony?

A ceremony is defined as symbolic when it includes **Symbolic Rites** and the legal part is carried out at a different time (before or after the celebration).

Is the Laic Ceremony legally valid?

For your marriage to be considered **legally valid**, the Marriage Act must be registered, and the signatures of the spouses, witnesses, Mayor, or a delegate must be recorded in a municipal register.

Where can we celebrate our marriage or civil union?

A civil wedding can only be celebrated at the Municipality or in authorized locations recognized as **“Municipal House”** in the presence of the Mayor, a Civil Status Officer, or someone directly delegated by the Mayor.

Where can a Laic Ceremony be celebrated?

On a beach, in the woods, in a garden, at the reception venue, basically any setting that inspires beauty and romance. The important thing is to always consider some important aspects for success.

How to choose the right Celebrant?

It is necessary for an empathetic atmosphere to be created between the couple and the celebrant. A celebrant must gently step into your story. They write the ceremony, but must be completely inspired by you, listening to you, understanding your tastes.

Can a laic celebrant conduct a civil ceremony with legal value?

Yes, after obtaining the delegation from the Mayor.

Is it possible to request authorization for a location to celebrate our marriage or civil union?

NO! Because the authorization is not given for a single civil marriage or civil union, but to the location.

What does laic ceremony mean?

It is a NON-religious ceremony. The protagonists of a **laic-humanist** ceremony (the full definition) are the human values and feelings inherent in the event being celebrated.

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