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Anniversaries and Vow Renewal

Anniversaries and Vow Renewal

Anniversaries and Vow Renewal

Anniversaries and Vow Renewal

Important life milestones should be celebrated, commemorated, renewed, and shared with loved ones. Whether it's 10, 20, 50 years of love or any other special moment, it can be made unforgettable through a unique and personalized ceremony.

Anniversaries are significant moments. Renewing vows and continuing to celebrate love is to give value to life together. Taking a moment to reflect on the experiences, on the beauty that has been built, on the story of a family that has grown is fascinating. When a couple has loved each other for many years, I am faced with the most powerful force in the world and I feel honored.

I meet the couple and let their story guide me, their tastes, their ideas to create a unique text.

Just like I do for other ceremonies, I involve the guests in readings of poems or texts written by them or in gestures that accompany symbolic rites. In vow renewal ceremonies, it is especially the children (if any) who have an important role, or other family members.

For vow renewals, I also like to include classic unity symbolic rites (sand, light, wine, rose, tree, ring warming, infinity knot, ribbons, etc.) that I always integrate harmoniously with the entire text.

For this type of ceremonies, I have devised an original rite "The Lantern Ritual", symbolizing a spark that ignited a flame several years ago, which is still a living flame and has spread over time, becoming the "Guiding Light" for the family.

Finally, music plays a very important role, which is why I involve musicians who will help me choose the songs that best suit the occasion.

A professional celebrant can help you create a romantic ceremony that gives the right value to the true love that is chosen to be lived every day.

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