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Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

It's the romantic celebration of your love, made of texts, gestures, poetry, music, and true love.

  • It's a secular ceremony where the protagonists are human values and feelings.

  • It celebrates love without the officiality of a "civil rite" that can take place at different times and places.

  • It's absolutely unique and authentic because it speaks about you and your love story.

  • It can be celebrated anywhere: on the beach, in a forest, at the reception venue, etc...

  • It can be simple and essential or grandiose.

  • It's rich in emotions that will make you and your guests smile and move you to tears.

A symbolic ceremony consists of several parts: there can be the narration of your love story, how you met, how you fell in love, how you said "Will you marry me?"

There can be the reading of a poem or a dedication from someone dear to you that will touch your hearts.

There are your promises, standard ones (the ones we all know) or personalized, with the words of your daily life, so powerful and moving.

There's the exchange of wedding rings, the emblem of love par excellence.

There can be symbolic rituals that, through symbolic objects and gestures, accompanied by words explaining their meaning, highlight your values and feelings.

There's music that conveys emotions like nothing else can.

All these ingredients, expertly dosed by the celebrant, will create an unforgettable ceremony.

Do you want a ceremony where the atmosphere is full of feelings, emotions, poetry, music, promises, and everything you've always dreamed of? Contact me! and together we will create the ceremony of your dreams.

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