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There are real-life stories that surpass the plots of the most compelling novels.

There are real-life stories that surpass the plots of the most compelling novels.

There are real-life stories that surpass the plots of the most compelling novels.

Renewed Promises

As years go by, Love renews itself every day, in every new kiss on a new wrinkle, even in a new obstacle to overcome together. What could be more powerful? What if not this Love deserves to be celebrated?

Then there are anniversaries that traditionally mark important milestones, but it is clear that all anniversaries can be celebrated, the first as well as the fiftieth.

Giving the right emphasis to a story that has so much to tell, that has built a family, that has reaped the fruits of the years gone by, is the goal I set myself when writing a vow renewal ceremony. And I put myself in the extraordinary position of an admirer. Yes, I admire the love that grows and never gives up, that challenges life, that creates life.

Let Me Tell You About Mimmo and Rosy's Anniversary

Strong emotions cross the terrace of a splendid location with a breathtaking view. The music floated gently, and then the readings of the daughters-in-law, the dedication of the grandchildren, the moving speech of the children, Mimmo and Rosy's renewed promises, their love letters, the exchange of rings passed from hand to hand to the children, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren who held them for a few seconds, imbuing them with the energy of their affectionate thoughts.

For the occasion, I devised a new rite called The Lantern Rite.

Inspired by the candle rite, I imagined a spark of love ignited fifty years ago and the flame that has not extinguished over time, nurtured and defended against adverse winds, spreading to become a light of love for the whole family and a guiding light for the children. I wrote a poetic text based on this meaning: Just as ancient lanterns guided the traveler in the darkness of roads without electricity, so every child who faces the unknown in the path of their growth finds their guiding light in the loving flame that parents give them. The children delivered lit candles, which symbolically represent the love received, and together Mimmo and Rosy lit the lantern.

I am honored to have celebrated this anniversary, from which I learned that love is made of precious little things.

In the photo, Mimmo and Rosy

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