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Why is the Journalist Talking About Fake Weddings?

Why is the Journalist Talking About Fake Weddings?

Why is the Journalist Talking About Fake Weddings?

Why is the Journalist Talking About Fake Weddings?

Facebook reminded me of an article on my blog written a year ago, and the timing is perfect.

Yesterday, an article appeared in the Corriere about non-traditional ceremonies that, from the title itself, speaks of "fake" weddings and mixes all the variants offered by the market in the snippet, leaving readers more confused than persuaded.

But why is the journalist talking about fake weddings?

Because there are mock ceremonies with fake Mayors or even fake priests, actors replicating the civil rite (reading the articles and the marriage certificate), celebrants pretending to have been invested with authority and wearing the sash even when conducting only the sentimental ceremony without the legal part (which has already been performed at the Town Hall). Because there are improvised celebrants who, precisely because they are not adequately trained, include parts in the ceremony that smack of fiction and various antics, and I'll stop here.

The confusion arises precisely from the fact that something truly new and different is happening in Italy, something still too little known, and many are eager to seize the opportunity to profit without investing in professionalism.

And then there are those who struggle to recognize genuine celebrations outside a religious context, which is understandable because in our country, nothing else had ever been seen before.

Who could celebrate weddings or funerals in church did so, those who couldn't, settled for only the civil part in the case of weddings and only the legal obligations related to funerals.

Secular humanist ceremonies speak of true and authentic feelings, moments of emotions that make the skin tingle, the heart beat faster, bring tears, smiles, and much more.

Do you think it's fair to label all these emotions as "fake" just because the signature on the marriage certificate was affixed at another time?

It is important, then, to speak positively about the phenomenon that is occurring, to ensure that people are aware of what they choose and whom they entrust, because it's true: there are deceptions, but there are also ceremonies written and celebrated with seriousness and professionalism.

Ensure that the most important part of one of the most important days of your life is made of authenticity. Leave aside the improvisers, the fake mayors, and the actors, and entrust yourselves to those who offer genuine professionalism and respect for your story, your important moment.

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