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The Sand Ceremony. One of the Most Beloved Rituals

The Sand Ceremony. One of the Most Beloved Rituals

The Sand Ceremony. One of the Most Beloved Rituals

The Sand Ceremony. One of the Most Beloved Rituals

The sand ceremony holds significant symbolic value.

I was thinking about it this morning. It's like saying: "My love, I fell in love with you before, but now I Love You and feel that you love me," and everything is different. When one moves from infatuation to love (the foundation of the path to marriage), they see the other for who they are and love them for who they are. They see their true color and various shades. The mind no longer idealizes the other, but lives with the other. And especially when one feels truly loved, they see themselves for who they are. When love comes, true love, the two colors will be even clearer, brighter, and truer together because love illuminates and makes each person shine. If in a relationship one color fades and only shines with the light of the other, then it is not love. If the two colors blend, completely changing their nature, then it is not love. Love is sharing, complicity, and relationship, and in a relationship, there must be TWO.

Not one thing alone, but two living in the dimension of two.

The Sand Ceremony highlights this aspect precisely. It is a ritual that Native American peoples and Hawaiian tribes used centuries ago in beach weddings to symbolize the union of two spirits into one.

How is the Sand Ceremony performed?

While background music accompanies the celebrant's words, explaining the meaning of the gesture with delicacy and poetry, the spouses pour colored sand into a container. The container represents future life, the sand will be the union of the two as individuals, different in color but united in life. The text is not standard, each couple will give their particular interpretation that a skilled celebrant will weave into a text that excites and reflects the colorful personality of your love. A variation of the ritual involves the participation of children.

In the photo: Giuseppe and Maria Cristina

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